:: SHOULDER CLOD (2307) ::

This cut is located in the dorsal region, limited in the cranial area by the chuck, in the caudal area by the striploin, and ventrally by the corresponding portion of the rib cage (plate). The skeletal components: 4th to 10th dorsal vertebrae and the spinal end of corresponding ribs. Muscular component: On a superficial level, the M. Trapezius thoracis and M. Latissimus dorsi can be observed. On a deeper level are the M. Longissimus dorsi, M. Iliocostalis, M. Multifidi dorsi, M. Spinalis dorsi, M. Intercostalis and M. Levatores costarum. Processing: May be obtained from a forequarter 10 ribs by severing transversally the backbone between 3rd and 4th dorsal vertebrae performing, after that, a longitudinal cut along the external rib edge. This cut may be practised at a distance of 25, 50 or 75 mm, measured from the lateral end of the ribeye (M. Longissimus dorsi). Finally, dorsal ver tebrae and ribs ends are removed and trimming operations are carried out. It is located in the scapular region and in the brachial region as well, limited in the dorsal/medial area by the chuck, ventrally by the shin and brisket, in the cranial area by the neck and in the caudal area by the rib cage (plate)..