:: SHIN (2311) ::

Co It is located in the brachial and antibrachial region, limited caudally by the shoulder clod, in the medial area by the brisket and in the dorsal/cranial area by the neck. The skeletal components: Humerus, radius, ulna, carpus. Muscular component: M. Extensor carpi radialis, M. Extensor digitorum comu nis, M. Extensor digitorum lateralis, M. Extensor carpi obliquus, M. Flexor carpi radialis, M. Flexor carpi cubitalis, M. Flexor digitorum superficialis, M. Flexor digito rum profundus, M. Biceps brachii, M. Brachialis. Processing: By means of a transversal cut through the shoulder joint (scapular/humeral), it is separated from the shoulder clod, neck and brisket. Muscles are cut from their bone attache ments and bones removed. Excesive tendons and connective tissue are properly trimmed. .