:: CHUCK (2305) ::

Is located in the fore part of the dorsal region, limited in the cranial area by the neck, in the caudal area by the fore ribs and ventrally by the corresponding portion of the rib cage (plate). The skeletal components: The 1st, 2nd and 3rd dorsal vertebrae and corre sponding spinal rib ends, blade bone and scapular cartilage. Muscular component M. Rhomboideus, M. Complexus, M. Splenius, M. Longissimus dorsi, M. Spinalis dorsi, M. Multifidi dorsi, M. Iliocostalis, M. Serratus dorsalis cranialis and M. Subscapularis. Processing: Backbone is transversally severed between the 3rd and 4th dorsal vertebrae and at the level of the cervical/dorsal joint, separating the neck this way. Then a cut is made parallel to the backbone from the caudal edge of the 3rd rib up to the 1st rib of the cranial edge, at an approximate distance of 50 to 75 mm from the ribeye lateral end. Having obtained the bone in cut, deboning operations are carried out and remaining portions of some muscles, such as M. Intercostalis and M. Levatores costarum, are removed. M. Subscapularis may be retained or removed.