:: PLATE 10 RIBS (1012A) ::

Is located in the thoracic and abdominal regions and embraces all ribs with flank. It is made up by the plate and the flank. The skeletal components: The diaphysis of the 13 ribs. Processing: Previously, the scapula, humerus and the muscle components of the shoulder or blade are removed. Then a cut is performed with a knife along the back edge of the last rib. As a result, the flank remains separated. Inmediately, a longitudi nal cut is made at the whole dorsal limit, at a changeable distance (25 to 75 mm) from the muscle longissimus dorsi. Finally, navel and brisket are removed by cuttin along the end of ribs limiting with the sternal region.

Consists of the cut from the hindquarter made up of rump, striploin, and fillet/ tenderloin. The skeletal components: Halves of the 4 last thoracic vertebraes, 6 lumbar vertebraes, sacrum, os coxae and first coccygeal vertebrae. Processing: From a 4 rib pistola a cut is performed from the 1st or 2nd coc cygeal vertebrae to the ball of the femur, separating it from the round this way.