:: BEEF SIDE (1000) ::

Is one of the two parts into which the carcass is divided, by means of a longitudinal cut that goes through the center of the backbone. Processing: The head is separated by a transversal cut at the level of the attlantoc cipital joint. The fore legs are cut off at a distance of 100 mm from the carpus, while the hind legs are severed at a distance of 100 mm from the tarsus. The tail is sepa rated by cutting between 2nd and 3rd coccygeal vertebrae. Kidneys, pelvic and kidney fat, as well as thymus and heart fat, must be removed. The diaphragm shall be removed, except its costal portion which shall remain attached to its costal insertion in the internal face of the side. Diaphragm membrane shall be trimmed close to the lean. Penis, testicles, precrural fat in the males and udder fat in the females, must be trimmed off. Blood clots, and ragged ends must be removed.