The Meat Processing Plant was built in the livestock center of the country with the purpose of providing first quality meat to the domestic and international markets.

In the northwestern region of Argentina and mainly in Santiago del Estero, cattle are raised in natural fields, to be later fed in implanted pastures.

The province of Santiago del Estero has a stock of more than 1.500.000 head of cattle and is one of the provinces that has experienced the strongest livestock growth in this field during the last few years.

In the same area where the meat processing plant is located, several commercial undertakings related to stockbreeding have been developed, such as cattle farming or fattening, as well as feed lots.

In the northwestern region of Argentina diet, animal health, and genetics are combined in order to produce excellent export steers.


Frigorífico Forres-Beltrán S.A. has a strong concern for the environment and the minimizing of pollution. This is why we count with a high efficiency and technology residual water treatment system, which uses bacterial reactors with activated sludge that will transform the effluents into water with low BOD and COD content, enabling most part of it to be reused.

Rational use of electric power and careful water consumption are part of our daily work. In this way, sustainability aims to welfare, without being detrimental to its ecosystem and its resources, given our dependence on them.

Area: Land: 34 ha . Built-up: 19,000 m2
Slaughter: 1,000 animals per day.
Cutting: 2,400/2,800 quarters per shift.
Cold Store (Chilling): 600 T.
Freezing capacity in 36 hours: 65 T.
Cold Store (Freezing) : 1,200 T.
Telephone Number: (+54) 0385 490 2352
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