Constant training of producers, transport operators and employees in Animal Welfare ensure raw material with quality, tenderness and color, allowing for each bovine cut to be elaborated with a perfect combination of craftwork and advanced technology.

Animals come from establishments registered in SENASA (National Health and Agrifood Quality Service), ensuring Trazability.

All of the personnel is rigorously trained and controlled according to the Good Manufacturing Practices - GMP - and under strict quality and food safety parameters, based on Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point - HACCP-

The meat produced by Frigorífico Forres-Beltrán S.A. maintains its flavor and freshness due to the incorporation of cutting-edge technology: CRYOVAC VS 95 TS with Advanced Vacuum Control System and Active Safety System; CRYOVAC ST 98 tunnel, with thermal retraction by hot water; and CRYOVAC ER 04 surface water remover.

At the same time, modern deep-freezing tunnels with temperatures of -35ºC make it possible for meat to freeze rapidly at a temperature of -18ºC in 36 hours, guaranteeing its nutritional and sensory components as well as its presentation, and assuring an 18 months durability. The result is a high standard product.

All these procedures are controlled and audited by SENASA.

Internal consumption and export

The meat processing plant was built taking into account all the sanitary and operative requirements imposed by the most demanding destinations in the world.

Nowadays the plant is qualified to export chilled vacuum packed high quality Hilton cuts, Special Cuts, frozen cuts and also frozen offals to the European Union and countries with the most demanding sanitary requirements.

From north to south and from east to west. Frigorífico Forres-Beltrán S.A. quality products reach every location in Argentina.

Thanks to an important fleet of its own, the company ensures the presence of high quality beef all over the country.

Career and Support:

Frigorífico Forres-Beltrán S.A. is part of Grupo Beltrán (Beltran Group)

Consisting of renowned companies that have a strong presence in the meat business and a total of 1.500 direct employees, this group slaughters more than 500.000 head of cattle a year.

Telephone Number: (+54) 0385 490 2352
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